Spring/Summer – altered orchard  A dream like orchard, sparkling through the mist is the inspiration behind this season’s collection. Tiny pops of coloured vintage beads and glistening copper wire are scattered throughout, while crystal clear acrylic and metallic’s contrast against sheer silk organza. Signature shapes are teamed with new, in a palette of turquoise, rose gold, orange, teal, blush and black Styles range from day wear sun hats and visors to coolies, percher hats and easy to wear head bands perfect for events during the racing and wedding season.

d'arcy coolie

chic coolie of layered fine straw pinok pok and tulle, trimmed with silk organza, rose gold metallic canvas and copper one size £445

orchard coolie

wide brimmed modern coolie in clear acrylic with black straw pinok pok and silk organza and copper apple detailing one size £565

opal beret

beret percher in dark teal or black lycra, with rose gold metallic canvas, silk organza and copper wire detailing one size £295

gala ripple

an update on the signature ripple. hand shaped in fine black straw pinok pok and silk organza one size £415

Spring/Summer – sundown solitaire  The wistful ballad ‘Lonesome Town’ by Ricky Nelson inspires ss16’s collection, conjuring a scene of a retro style romance with a cynical twist. nostalgic imagery of muses Brigitte Bardot and Nancy Sinatra bring Riviera roses and stripes, combined with Nashville tassels and dusty sunset tones. glazed raffia sits next to scarlet crepe jersey and pale blush textures and drapes, intertwined with rose printed acrylic and sky blue leather. Styles range from day wear sun hats and visors to coolies perfect for racing events such as Ascot, with a range of pieces just right for wedding guests too.

soleil dress visor

sweeping, tonal acrylic headpiece in warm sunset tones with rose print inlay. completed with raffia trim £470

bellevue folded fedora

angled wide brimmed hat in blush leather, scarlet jersey and fine glazed raffia. available in other colours £570

l’été percher

tonal nude and scarlet rose in silk and raffia, with rose printed acetate outer £360

le mépris dented fedora

black linen, fine straw, blush leather and silk fedora with signature dented brim and straight crown £355

Spring/Summer – new natural  A chic blend of nature and newness entwined with a signature mix of unexpected textures and clean, graceful silhouettes carefully selected innovative materials from acrylic set rose petals to portrait linen, lacquered wool and glass fabric set these pieces apart whilst retaining a sophisticated wearable aesthetic a pallet of fresh neutrals with pops of apricot, blush, lilac and navy complete this season’s collection perfect pieces for Ascot and many other racing events, weddings and lazy summer days   photography: James Hazlett-Beard  mua: Amy Wright  model: Anna Keen

gypsophila boater

gypsophila flowers pressed and set in acrylic with Ugandan straw, antique straw and transparent nylon tip one size £425

folded glass fedora

white glass fabric brim with navy coated cotton and rubber strand detailing one size £560

gypsophila visor

glossed raffia and navy leather with pressed gypsophila and acrylic peak small, med, large £195

ombre twist visor

glossed raffia blocked beret with hand died glass fabric and antique straw trim one size £365

Spring/Summer – inner earth Delving deep into the earth to find inspiration, Sophie Beale’s latest collection evokes the sharp beauty of crystalline structures and precious metals, entwined with her dreamlike signature style to create a sweeping, geometric vision for SS14. a palette of black, white and charcoal with olive green and dusty pinks, combined with an array of textures and light scattering materials conjure up the rich atmosphere of a cave full of the earth’s most precious treasures. styles include a wide range of brimmed hats from elegant to angular, berets, hairbands and more adventurous shapes fit for Royal Ascot, weddings and society parties or simply to admire on their own.


white leather button base with metallic marbled acrylic and copper trim £295


steel mesh angled hat with leather trim. features clear acrylic and iridescent detail £325


gold duchess satin wide brimmed hat with mirrored origami under brim feature £445


iridescent textured organdie and steel mesh headpiece with fine wire structure £600

Spring/Summer – horizon Blurb needed for horizon…


black lycra, crin and glossed feather beret £350


natural pinok pok boater with ombre hand dyed brim, leather trim and glossed quills £425


small beret featuring dyed rubber frill and lilac lycra base £325


beret featuring hand dyed parasisal straw ripple with silver lycra base £200



Autumn/Winter – flutter shiver Blurb about flutter shiver…..

murder of crows

wide brimmed hat with black feather flecks set in crystal clear acrylic. features felt crown and feather detailing one size £525


wide vintage style hair band in sky blue duchess satin, with fine woven fur felt strips. Features delicate ivory feather and swarovski crystal detail. one size £295


opulent charteuse silk taffeta hat with side bow and ivory feather detail. small, med, large £290


signature dented brim hat in luxury rabbit fur felt. features acrylic trim flecked with silver and fine ivory feathers. small, med £345

Autumn/Winter – under over aw15 sees the curving structure and fanciful nature of Victorian corsetry and rippling layers of the bustle entwine with playful textures inspired by modern luxury under garments. warmed up with layers of faux fur and sparkle to bring the inside out in Sophie Beale Millinery’s latest collection. latex and wool crepe are draped around shimmering metallics, leather and suede, with short bursts of faux fur and clear perspex, all in a luscious palette of mulberry, ice grey, camel and orange tied together with classic black. photography: James Hazlett-Beard  mua: Amy Wright  model: Pebbles


stitched nylon headpiece with mulberry suede under brim. Features black fur felt trim and mixed fabric trim one size £330


charcoal latex percher beret with silver lurex and black leather twist one size £295


black fur felt percher hat with draped latex and mixed material pom poms one size £485


Transparent acrylic and gold cord lacing with black tulle draped veil and ice grey pom pom one size £425

Autumn/Winter – western wild celebrating the understated beauty of the pigeon feather, Western Wild blends early 20thcentury Americana with native American textures. modernising through distilled line and detail for a streamlined collection this autumn winter 2014. Materials range from textured frosted acetates and leather to brushed cotton and fur felt with a muted palette of blended blacks into white, cool yellow and cranberry. photography: Peter Fingleton   mua: Ivan Despues  model: Charlotte Geraghty


layered acrylic and organza with black leather and pigeon feathers one size £545


white slubbed cotton with glass beads, black leather underside and burgundy acrylic trim one size £340


textured and layered acetate with black leather base and pigeon feather rose one size £320


alpaca wool and nylon asymmetric beanie with metal chain detail and reflective silver lining med, large £140

Autumn/Winter – night flight Blurb needed for night flight

lizzy b

irridescent beret with signature twist in luxury rabbit fur felt. one size £315


black sequin covered percher with burgundy rose and ostrich feather trim. one size £210


grey handshaped fur felt with turqouise tulle draping and hand curled ombre quills. one size £310


black fur felt percher base with intricate thread and wire trim with hand shaped quills £375

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